In this project I investigated sociological problems (like addictions, youth unemployment etc.) with the language of fashion. I think fashion is an ideal medium to reveal inward matters to greater masses since it is a popular form of expression yet it allows to declare ideas creatively and is not necessarily bounded by conventions. Stylist: Dorka Kardos Make-up: Alexandra Kovacs Hair-stylist: Kristof Nemeth

Foxtales and Lily

These clothes ("Foxtales and "Lily") were designed by the young dress-designer Lilla Gollob for an exam in the KREA Contemporary Art School of Budapest. Her biggest inspiration was her grandfather, Jozsef Gollob, who was a famous Hungarian industrial designer. She believes that clothes are one of the greatest platforms for self-expression, for transmitting important messages.



 I took some photos of this woman, Csilla in a studio. She was pretty, and flexible.