Street and Landscape

Hungarian visions

Basically this series is not about Hungary, but the eternal beauty of pigeons, windows, lights and shadows. In fact, the photos were taken in Hungary.


I am not a man of words and I realized that verbal means of expression are limited. It is a known commonplace that a picture can say more than a thousand words. That's why I started taking pictures, as this medium makes it possible to show what is beyond the realm of language, which is rationally inaccessible to us. I formulated the idea of Freeride in Berlin, one of the capitals of cycling. People in Berlin are glad to ride the bike, many people choose this environmentally friendly -and last but not least healthy- form of transportation. The idea of buying an old-fashioned bike to roam the German hipster capital's streets came naturally. The features of the idea of taking spontaneous pictures on the street emerged in me already a few years ago. I imagined that I simply walk the streets, with the camera hanging around my neck and I am clicking without looking into the viewfinder or composing. I desired an interesting interplay with chance and spontaneity. Perhaps this is a distant analogy, but somehow as the abstract expressionist Jackson Pollock's played with drip painting. Only here the tool is the long shutter speed of the digital camera. This idea has changed to the extent that I control the same process from a bicycle (as much as I control since as I mentioned, spontaneity is the ruler here), thus my photos become more dynamic and thrillful. This technique has the advantage of not worrying about the bystander's insult for taking photos, because on the one hand my working process is not too spectacular, on the other hand the figures are irrecognizably blurred (due to the long shutter speed). Thus by the way the photos will become picturesque. The images maneuver somewhere between the impressions of a hyper-realistic painting and a pictorialist photo, it is almost impossible to judge whether they are photos or paintings.