My name is Illes Toth, I was born in 1984. I began to learn the basics of photography in Denmark on Brandbjerg Folk High School in 2013. Afterwards I continued as an autodidact, I read technical books and I practiced a lot. In 2014 I attended a course of photography and I received a degree.
    I am interested in people so I love to make portraits both spontaneously and adjusted. I am in love with streets, which I try to capture from both a classic and a modern point of view. I love black and white photos because in this way I can accentuate more the forms and the tones, thus the images become more honest. However, my last project, "Freeride" opened my eyes to the world of colors too. I had taken colored pictures spontaneously while riding on my bicycle (without composing or looking into the camera) then I selected the ones which are interesting in terms of form and color.   
   I have exhibitions regularly (Balassi Institute of New Delhi, MÜSZI Budapest etc). I already won some prizes on different contests like the André Kertész Contest.



-ArtBazis, Budapest, group exhibition "Foto Falu 2014"
-Platan gallery (Polish Institute of Budapest), spanish-polish-hungarian
group exhibition "Between shadows" (with David Dying Pérez, Marcelina Mace, Victor  Eric Baladoch, Shadia Nugud, Abel Krulik and Emoke Kerekes)
-Karton gallery, Budapest, group exhibition "Addiction" 
-Balassi Institute, New Delhi, solo exhibition "Hungarian visions"
-MÜSZI, Budapest, solo exhibition  "Contemporary painters"
-Vasvári Pál Synagogue, Budapest, group exhibition "The Hidden Jewish Treasures of the Capital"
-FUGA Budapest Center of Architecture, Budapest, solo exhibition "Freeride"
-Big Spring Photo Contest, jury prize
-André Kertész Photo Contest, jury prize
-"Nők" (Women) Photo Contest, jury prize


-Deccan Herald:






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Upcoming exhibitions in 2017:
-Israeli Cultural Institute, Budapest, solo exhibition "Shoes"
-TAT Contemporary Art Gallery, Budapest, duo exhibition with Eszter Molnár "Instant Life Pictures"